Laptop Recovery


I have a Toshiba Satellite C855D laptop which has suddenly stopped functioning. I use the laptop as a business computer, and it is used as a basic work station for employees out in the field. This means that it is mostly used for simple data entry and internet searches, but it could be used to save important information on, too. This is what had happened just prior to the laptop shutting down, with one of my employees creating an electronic document which was signed by an important client. The problem is that the business is now not able to open up programs which have been installed on the computer, including Word and including the electronic document which is so important. I was advised by a local repair company that the hard drive has a problem, and they want to remove it and replace it, but I really need to get the documents off of this hard drive before that happens. I absolutely have to have that signed document, and there is no other copy of it in existence, so it really needs to be recovered.


I need help with a Toshiba Satellite C8550. The main problem is that I am not able to get into all of the Windows programs which are on the laptop, and will instead jump to a random location. For instance, if I wanted to look at a document, I could try and click on the file in My Documents. The file would be illuminated, but the computer might instead open up one of the games which is also installed on the laptop, or even open Calculator or Adobe. No matter what I try, I can’t get the system to open up the files and folders which I have saved to the laptop. I do a lot of writing for a college course, and it is all saved on this laptop. There are a lot of precious files in there, and I want to be able to use some of the writing as a basis for my end-of-term portfolio.