Linkstation & ReadyNas Raid 5


I use a Buffalo Linkstation NAS server with RAID 5 array on my home computer, which I use to preserve family photographs and documents. Recently, the NAS has stopped booting up when I turn it on. What I am finding is that the power light turns blue, and then starts blinking. It blinks for a few seconds, and then turns red. The server doesn’t show up on the router or in My Computer, meaning that data can’t be read or extracted from the NAS, so I can’t get the important data off of the array. I have tried several things, such as connecting it to the system using an IP configure program, and by setting the computer back to factory defaults, but neither of these have allowed me to recover the data. I have a lot of valuable information on the array drives which has not been backed up and can’t be replaced by other means.


I have a ReadyNas server in my business which uses a 5-disk array that is configured to RAID 5. This has worked very well for a couple of years, and people from anywhere inside the company can use the array to preserve information and data relevant to the business. This includes many signed documents from clients and from other companies that we trade with. However, the ReadyNas array has now stopped working, and is reporting a failure of one of the disks in the array. The server is sending me several emails a day reporting that the disks are overheating, but these are often completely different disks each time. This means that I am certain about which disk has failed. More importantly, I am not able to access the array and view the files contained in the disks. People in the company are complaining that they can’t view documents inside the drives, and I am concerned that important data might be lost. Can you help me to recover the data.