Case Study 1: Mac Powerbook Not Starting Up

Client was having issues booting up a Macbook Pro which they used for work purposes. When the Macbook started up all the client got was different colours on the screen such as blue, greens and purples etc. The usual grey loading screen was nowhere to be seen. The client used the hard drive for graphic design work and they had a project on the Macbook which they spent the last 5 months working on.

We diagnosed that the Macbook hard disk had extensive sector issues. The hard disk could not read 62% of sectors on hard disk thus the system would not boot up correctly. We imaged the Macbook hard disk on an imaging station and imaged 99.95% of sectors. Some sectors could not be read due to some media damage on the disk platters. We processed the 99.95% sectors and backed up data for client onto data dvd’s.

* If you have work data on your Macbook and you need it recovered fast please contact us for a data recovery quote.