Case Study 2: Buffalo Linkstation – Failed Hard Drive

Client was using a Buffalo Linkstation to store files for a 5 user office. The Buffalo Linkstation when now started reports that it was missing from their work network, when client tried to gain access to the device either through Buffalo Navigator utility or through the ip address the Buffalo Linkstation NAS system cannot be found. However when client connects to the router admin page they can see that the Buffalo Linkstation is connected. Client reset all disks but did not work. Client also got their IT Support company involved that recommended the Buffalo Linkstation solutuon to them as a storage server. A network engineer from the IT company looked at system but could not get it to work again. The client has business critical data on the system so it needed to be recovered and fast!

We diagnosed that the last disk in the Buffalo Linkstation Raid 5 system with 4 hard drives had failed. Normally the Buffalo Linkstation should have offered the client a rebuild option but there was also bad sector problems on the 1st disk in the Buffalo Linkstation so that was probably the reason the rebuild option was not given. As it was a Raid 5 system we only needed to work with the 1st 3 disks. We imaged these disks and processed the data and saved the data onto an external 1TB hard drive.

* If you have a failed Raid 5 NAS System we are experts in recovering the data for you.