Case Study 3: Windows 2010 Server

Windows 2010 small business server used in a dentist to store client data including a crm booking in system and xray images of their patients. Server was a raid 5 – 3 disk system. Accidently the server got knocked over in reception by the secretary and now the server will not boot. Raid 5 system was setup by the dentist himself so is a software based raid 5 system.

We received system in and diagnosed that all disks had failed in the small business server due to the knock it received. Unfortunately there was media damage on the disk platters of the hard drive as a result of the knock the system took. We upgraded the motor and read/write head assembly’s and imaged as much data from the sectors of possible. 1st disk we imaged 95%, 2nd disk we imaged 99%, 3rd disk we imaged 43%. We processed the partial data from system and managed to recover all of the crm booking in system which held all the appointments past and present and also 98% of all xrays on the system.

* If your server has sufferend a physical fault please contact us as we have 15 years experience.