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Camera Data Recovery


I bought a Sandisk 32GB camera memory card specifically to record a special occasion. I should have realised that something was not right when it first went into the card, as the camera did not load up properly. However, I finally got the system to recognise the card, and thought that everything would be ok. I took the photographs for the special occasion, and I was the only one there with a digital camera, so the photographs are important not just to me, but to everyone in the group. There seemed to be no problem with the card until I went to download the pictures onto my laptop. I did this in the usual way, by putting the card into a digital memory card reader which connects to the computer through the USB port. The card would not read, and I have also not been able to get the card to work by using a camera-to-computer connection which has worked previously. These photographs are vitally important, and I really need to get them out of the card. I am not interested in the card itself.


I have a Transcend digital camera memory card which I have been using in a Canon camera to shoot videos. This seems to work well when I am using the camera, and I can see lots of different videos, all of which seem normal. Playing them on the camera doesn’t seem to show up any problems, so the only trouble is when I come to download them on to the computer. This problem starts by the camera uploading the data onto the computer. I can see the files, and even open them. I get the first shot of the video, and then the blue swirling cursor takes over, and I can do nothing more. The computer doesn’t say there is any problem, but the video won’t progress any further than the first shot. If I go into Properties on each file, then it seems to show that there are several MBs of data on each video, but I still get nothing when I try to play them. I have used several different types of media player in the hopes that something will work, but it seems as though the data is just not available for the computer.