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Buffalo Data Recovery


I have a Buffalo Ministation 3TB which I recently installed on my computer. The first time I plugged it in, everything seemed to go well and I managed to backup a lot of my data. However, when I plugged it in the second time, there appeared to be a very small amount left, only around 500mb. I know that I put some files on there, but it seems impossible that there is really that many GB of documents. I’m pretty certain that there isn’t. However, I am not able to check, because as well as showing this tiny amount of memory, the drive is also ignoring my attempts to get into it. The USB port is connected tightly, and there is a flashing blue light on the front of the device when I try to get in to view the files. However, it simply does that, and then there is nothing, not even an error message. The drive is almost brand new, and has never been used for files before. Did I do something wrong when I uploaded those files?


I am using a Buffalo Ministation hard drive with 1TB of memory, and USB capacity. I traditionally connected it to a 2.0 USB setting, but it is no longer recognised by that. Funnily, it seems to only work with the 3.0USB, the latest setting. Although it has worked with other ports before, such as in my laptop, and I can get the 2.0 USB setting to work by using other external hard drives, it seems that the two together cannot operate effectively. In addition, there is also a problem where it does not shut down effectively after ejecting the disk. Instead, it simply remains on, even when the computer is shutting down. I assume that there is some problem with its 2.0 connections, and this is why it is behaving in this funny way. I can only get it to connect with the 3.0, when it seems as though only about 20% of my files are there.