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Hard Drive Failure

I bought a Western Digital My Book Live 1TB NAS drive to use on my home network because one of the draws to it was the fact I could use it wirelessly with my iPhone, iPad and other smart devices. It was easy to setup initially and for the first few months everything was great. Everyone in the house has been using it and has been storing their files to it and we have been happy with it until it started to ask for a firmware update. I did that and thought all would be ok but the wireless stopped working so I had to connect the drive to a wireless router with an Ethernet cable, build a network bridge and have the devices save stuff that way. Again all worked well for a while and then without even the slightest hint of a warning the whole thing stopped. I contacted Western Digital and they told me to install some uninstaller software that would allow me to undo the firmware and start again but that hasn’t worked. I’ve tried other uninstallers but also to no avail. Western Digital suggested a format but that defeats the purposes because we have all saved important files to the drive and formatting it will lose them. I’m in serious need of your help and advice.

We have a computer that has been operating with a Hitachi Deskstar 1TB SATA drive (I don’t know the exact model) that has recently developed a fault. For reasons unknown to us when switched on (it runs on Windows Vista) the computer started to run chkdsk. We did this the first few times and then eventually the computer would do nothing other than power on and beep continuously. We’ve been told by a friend of the family that the beeps relate to faults in the machine and that they are signifying the hard drive is no longer operational. Now we have no way of recovering the data from the drive and need help in doing so as we have a lot of family memories stored on there that we’d like to get off. Is there anything you can do to help?