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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have had an Iomega external hard drive running on my main Mac computer for a while. I recently purchased a new Mac, and decided that I would like to transfer some data from the external hard drive on to my new computer. To do this, I unplugged the Iomega from the old computer (where it had been working fine) and then plugged it into the new computer. It was not recognised there, so I thought that I would just plug the drive back into the old Mac, and just use it there. When I plugged it in and went to open it, I found that there was no data at all. I wanted to copy information from one Mac to the other, but now it seems that I have lost essential data. I was certain that the Iomega drive had powered off before I unplugged it from the original source, and now when I go into the first computer, it says that there is no disk. I have unplugged it and plugged it back into several different ports, but none of them show the drive as present.


My Iomega external hard drive with 320gb of memory is having some problems with the USB power cord. I know that there is a design flaw with older models, such as mine, and was trying to work around the problem. However, recently, the cord will not sit in the port, and leaves about quarter of an inch sticking out of the port. This means that the Iomega hard drive will not engage, and so I cannot access files in that drive. As I know about the problems with older models, I have tried several different USB cords, in the hope that one will work, but they will not sit into the USB port on the Iomega correctly. This means that I have no way of accessing the information my disk holds. I intend to get a new Iomega as soon as possible, but meanwhile this old one has dozens of old pieces of work which I need for a reference. I am out of warranty (the Iomega driver is so old), and cannot get help from the manufacturer.