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LaCie Data Recovery


I have a Lacie Big which I have been using as a backup for a number of machines, using the MAC time-machine feature. However, the Lacie unit suddenly decided that it would not let me access the RAID disks. The Ethernet connection on the side has also stopped working, so I can’t use that to get at my files. Some of the data has information on which is not kept elsewhere, so I need help to extract that. There are 5 disks currently working. I am having to use a Windows computer, which has SATA ports, and when I plugged it into Windows 7, the Drive Manager showed the disk as having several partitions. That was fine, but they did not appear to be active, as I couldn’t get into them. I tried RAID recovery programs, but they could also not find the disks. I tried another general program, which did see them, and then I put the disks into order with a ‘missing disk’ covering the final disk.


I have been using a 2TB Lacie hard drive. Unfortunately, it suffered some kind of failure four weeks ago, and now will not work. The drive starts up, and I can hear it spinning around, and while I can see the drives in Disk Utility, I am being asked to format them, which I don’t want to do. I took it to the IT tech support for the company that provided the hard drive, and really had no success at all. I think that the problem lies, not with the hard drives, but with the enclosure around it. The failure which caused me to lose contact with the Lacie seemed almost as though it had a power outage, so I think that the power cables were probably to blame. I have tried changing these over, along with the USB port connections, but no joy. I then tried to use an external drive cable and kit to connect my Lacie drive to a MacBook. This also did not work. I now need a professional data recovery company to look at the system for me.