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Netgear Data Recovery


Hello, I am looking for anyone who can help me recover data from my Netgear external hard drive. I have been using it to save data to for about a year, and have a mirrored set-up which allows me to preserve my data better, or so I thought. What happened was that I have lost connectivity to my Netgear system and this appears to have causes all the files which I saved on the hard drive, both partitions, to be lost. I still have no connectivity with the system, but I ran a disk check which allowed me to view my drives. When I looked at them, both portions of the mirrored space, I found that the drive is saying that disk space is not allocated, and both disks seemed empty. I used another tool to try and get more information, and can now see at least some of the files on one of the partitions. However, while I can see the folders, when I try to open any files, I get a message saying that none of the files are recoverable.


I need help urgently with a serious problem. I have been working with a Netgear Readynas NVX hard drive for some time, and have lots of important information saved on there. The drive is four disks which use RAID-X. However, during a dumb moment, I accidentally deleted an entire directory of information, including some which are used to power the folders with my data in. I tried immediately to find a solution to the problem by using my recovery tools from the computer, but this does not seem to have worked, and I cannot find any solution to the problem. As soon as I realised that I could not recover the data simply by using the computer’s recovery system, I turned off the Netgear, and unplugged it from both the power and the computer. I hope that this is sufficient to keep any files in position, and prevent the Netgear drives from overwriting the data.