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Maxtor OneTouch 4 640 GB
Several years ago, I bought the Maxtor OneTouch 4 640 GB. I have used it a lot and it proved to be very reliable, but several days ago, it appears that it has deteriorated and started to malfunction. It would sometimes get disconnected on its own in the middle of file transfers, I am having a hard time getting it detected by my notebook. When these things happen, I just unplug and replug it, which usually does the trick. The problem tends to be persistent though intermittent. However, just today, when I plugged it to my computer a message popped up saying that the “USB Device Not Recognized”. I tried it on my desktop but to no avail, the same message showed up. Though the device is broken, I hope it isn’t permanent yet. I just need to get all my work data off the drive (files, photos, and videos).

Maxtor Basics 500GB Desktop USB 2.0 Hard Drive
I own a Maxtor Basics 500GB Desktop USB 2.0 Hard Drive and it was working out fine on my Windows XP PC but I just updated my computer to a Windows 7 since Microsoft dropped support for XP. Ever since the update, the hard disk became inaccessible on my computer. When I try it back on Windows XP, it still does not work. Checking it on Windows 7, the hard drive is detected but I just can’t access it. It is also does not seem corrupted since it shows a healthy NTFS system. Moreover, I ran the Seagate tool and it didn’t detect any problem. Everything seems to okay except for the fact that I cannot access my files on the disk. I tried checking for firmware update but there are none available. I also checked with Seagate troubleshooting but I cannot find the solution. I am not sure if I should install new drivers but it seems that the port it is connected is working fine as well. Possibly the hard drive partition has become corrupt?