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Client Emails for WD Hard Disk Recovery

WD Elements Portable 500GB
I bought a WD Elements 5 years ago and last week I dropped it from a height of 3 feet. It landed straight on the floor. It didn’t bounce or hit a corner, just flat on its back. I tried to connect it again. It was being detected by my computer but nothing else happens after the initial click. It doesn’t buzz or spin at all. It would click when the computer starts up indicating that it was being detected but the drive wouldn’t show up on my My Computer.

WD My Passport 1TB
I purchased this drive to backup my data as I was getting a reinstall on my old computer due to it becoming very very slow. I backed up all data using WD Smartware and had a quick check and all folders seemed to be backed up so I got the PC operating system reinstalled. I got the PC back and copied the data from the WD Passport drive back onto my computer. Unfortunately the folders was all backed up but none of the files within the folders. Now I need to get all my data recovered!