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Mac Recovery


I have a serious problem with my iMac computer, and need help to solve it before I lose all of the data on the machine. When I try to save data to my computer, I hear a series of loud popping noises, almost like balloons being burst. This will also happen if I open any music, or if I download pages from the computer. I compose music on the internet, and this problem is particularly evident when I have been using Garage Band. The problem is that this popping noise usually accompanies a sign saying that data could not be recovered, or could not be saved to the computer.


I have an iMac MC814LL which appears to have died suddenly. I have had it for about 14 months, and it has been working fine, and I have been using it to save family photographs plus some graphic design drawings by my daughter. A couple of days ago, however, I came to turn the computer on, and it would not start. I can press the power button on the desktop to make it come on, and that light will illuminate for a second or so, but the rest of the system won’t start up. There is no power to the fan, or to the hard drive, and none of the other lights come on. I can’t even hear the usual ‘chime’, when the motherboard starts up. I have not been able to get any response from the hard drive, and so I am not able to go into the operating system, or into the desktop.