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Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC


I am having a little bit of trouble with a DELL XPS desktop. I have been needing some more memory for a bit, and so decided to fit a new memory module into the system. I installed this, following instructions that I found on the internet, since I couldn’t get any information from Dell themselves about this addition. The problem is that, regardless of what I am telling the computer to do, and regardless of what it thinks that it is doing, the computer recognises the new memory but now I can’t get the Dell PC to recognise the hard drive. It won’t appear on the OS, although it can be seen through BIOS. I have tried removing the extra ram memory modules, but this did not work either. I have also tried to go into Drive Management, but I can’t see it on there either. I thought that if the BIOS could see it then it would be available regardless, but it seems like that is not the case.


I am a school teacher and I am using a Dell Dimension 4600i, which has Windows XP installed on it. I tried to install the program by putting the disks into the drive, as usual, but I am now getting a message whenever I try to install a new program onto the system, such as Java or Chrome, with the error reported being Kernel32.dll errors. I borrowed an XP restore disk, and tried to use that. The computer extracted some files and restarted, and then froze up with 34 minutes to go. The monitor went black, and now reports No Signal. I really need to recover the system data before I start school again.