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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I have a problem with a PC operating system which is loaded onto a computer which is mainly used to run a small business. I have some important data on there, and I don’t want to lose this or have to do anything else which might affect the data. What is happening at the moment is that when I turn on the computer, some of the time I can hear a clicking noise from the tower, and then I will get nothing, not even a BIOS screen. When I try to reboot, I get the same problem. What happens when the clicks don’t appear is that the system will turn itself on as usual, and then start running through the system to the loading screen, and then it will freeze. I can’t get anything to respond, and I can’t control it through the ‘F’ keys. I assume that there is a problem with the operating system, and possibly the hard drive. I don’t want to lose the data on the drive?


I am running a Windows 8 operating system which I recently installed into an old computer which was completely clean. I wanted to install the Windows 8 OS, and then fit new hard drives as slaves to the Windows 8 disk, with 500GB as the main drive, and 1TB to be the backup. I thought that there would not be a problem with this. When I fitted the new drives in, it initially worked, and I created some data and saved it to the drives as I had intended. However, now the drives are not working and I have not been able to get back onto the operating system to recover the data. The computer tells me that no OS could be found, and requests that I remove the drives without the OS, which are the two slave drives. I removed all that it asked me to, and put the hardware back where it had been originally, but there is still not response. I want to get back the data which was on those drives.