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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I have an old HP TouchSmart IQ770 which is not working properly. The problem seems to be that one of the children was watching a DVD on the drive, and either did not realise that another DVD was in the drive, or forced the second DVD into the slot on purpose. The disks were fairly easy to remove from the drive, but what I am finding now is that the hard drive of the computer itself is not responding to my attempts to start it up. I assume that somehow, the DVD problem has caused knock-on damage to the hard drive, either when the second disk was being forced in, or when both disks were removed. I have a lot of work data on the computer, as I work from home, and most of this week’s work was not backed up before the hard drive went down.


I have an HP TouchSmart desktop which is now starting to age, and finally seems to have shut down completely. The screen is going blank, rather than black, as it is a definite grey colour. There is no beeping from the computer, but there is a small noise from the tower, rather like static noise, before the screen goes blank. I thought that it was a monitor problem, so I replaced it with a new monitor, and attached all of the cables needed. However, this monitor also displays a completely blank screen. I can assume from this that I have a problem with another part of the system, but I don’t know what it is. The main cause of my problems is the fact that I have almost no kind of backup for the data which should be on the hard drive. Most of this data is important documentation that I only have saved in one place. I am desperate to recover the data.