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RAID Server Repair


I have a Dell server with RAID installed on 2 drives of 150GB each. I have already used system recovery to build the drives in a server which was itself failing, and I managed to flash the Raid controller to the latest Dell version, and they are now in the server. However, I keep seeing a notice from Event Viewer which says that the drives have rebooted after a data check. I did examine the server by removing each of the drives in turn. I took out the first drive, and tried to boot up, with the message that the system was not responding. I finally got the computer to respond, and saw the server hanging on the RAID controller, requiring that I use some keys to reconfigure the RAID controller.


I am using a pair of WD hard drives in a RAID server system. While I was using the computer, there was a significant power failure, which occurred in the socket where both the server and the computer are plugged in. Despite the use of a surge protector for the socket, it seems that there is now a problem with both hard drives. These drives will not appear on BIOS, or in Windows. When I try to use the drivers on the computer through the SATA cable, BIOS will see that there is a drive plugged in, but can’t identify it. This means that I can’t view the data on the drives. I have managed to find a drive which is compatible, but I don’t know which one of the drives will be suitable for the rebuild, and I don’t want to try a rebuild with the wrong drive. I really have to recover the data from the array, and I don’t know which of the drives to select.