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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I am using an array with a RAID setting on an HP ProLiant ML110. I am having problems with this after I transferred the data from my old server array into the ProLiant using a hard disk enclosure. There were two old disks full of data, and a new drive which I saved new data onto for the past week. This seemed to go well until the computer started to report a hard drive failure in the array. I have since tried to extract data from the hard drives, but when I plug the server in, I am not able to read the data from the old hard drives. This means that all of the data which I have passed onto the new hard drive in the last few days has completely vanished. I need that data urgently.


I need data recovered from a IBM 3400X server that is showing me some error messages when I want to recover some data. Initially, there was a small problem with one of the disks in the array which meant that I would get a warning notice occasionally, but I thought little of it, and continued to store data on the drive. The raid setting is a RAID 0, and I thought that the best solution would be to rebuild the array. I tried this about a week ago, and since then I have not been able to get the server to boot up. Instead, I get number of error messages which say that the array has a missing disk or required member, and that the drive cannot be configured. The computer will then hang in BIOS, and the server cannot be seen by the BIOS system. I have a lot of essential data on this array.