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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I am using a Dell PowerEdge server which has a number of hard drives connected to it. I also have a hot swap drive which has been configured as the logical drive, and which also powers the Windows Server operating system. I wanted to add another drive to this one, and make a pair of logical drives. However, when I tried to add the drive in initially, I found that it would not rebuild the RAID together with the drive running the OS. Instead, it tried to create a rebuild with a drive which contains some data related to my occupation. I stopped the rebuild, and removed the new drive, but when I tried to view the data after a restart, the drive just did not work. I have not been able to recover any data from the drive since the rebuild, and in fact it appears to have lost all of the data when I look at it through Drive Manager.


I want to put a RAID 1 array into an IBM server. For this purpose, I created an array, and then made a partition inside the array. However, when I tried to transfer data from the server into the array, to create a storage point, the array said that Windows could not be installed on the drive, and the transfer of data had failed. I opened up the server, and viewed the drive which was already installed in there, and which usually contained data from my computer. When I looked at the drive, I could not find any kind of folders or files where they should be. I can’t see the RAID controller when I look in BIOS, so I suppose this is not working, either.