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RAID 5 Data Recovery


Our company runs a RAID 5 drive at our office which is split into a number of volumes. There has been some problem recently with data falling off of the drive. Attempts to recover the data have not been successful. A serious problem occurred when we tried to restore the data to the RAID 5 disk, as the drive volume is just calling out of the server, and will not respond to any of our requests. There is an error report which appears, saying that the drives have timed out, or not followed a command the expected time. The volume can only be restored to the server after a reboot. I don’t want to do this too often, as I am concerned that more data may be lost from the drives. However, we are still losing data hand over fist, and I don’t know how to stop the problem. I wanted to recover the data, but every step I take seems to make the problem worse.


I have a problem with a server which is running a RAID controller. This is not operating as I expect. The controller is significantly older than the other parts of the array such as the hard drive, but I couldn’t afford to replace it. I fitted the old controller into the new server, and it worked well initially, so that I recorded data on the server expecting everything to work. I set up one disk as the OS drive, and the other were placed into the array in a RAID 5 configuration. Within a few days of this being set up, the system started to experience problems with the data. The system would crash before the saving of files was finished, and it has now lost at least one of the drives. This means that some of the data has been lost, and I want to recover it. The most important part of this data relates to some work that was completed at home, and has no other backup. We need to get this server fixed and recovering the data from it.