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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Kingston Datatraveler 3G 4GB
I am looking into this Kingston Datatraveler 3G that is malfunctioning. Whenever I try copying a file from it,an errors show up. I am used to work with it on a Windows XP computer. Now, I am trying it on a Windows 7 computer. When I connected it on the computer, it prompted a “Fix Removable Media” warning. I ticked the “Attempt to recover bad sectors” option. A progress bar appeared and after two minutes, it was complete and the progress bar closed. Then, I saw on My Computer that the USB is in FAT32 format without displaying the capacity of the storage device. When I check it on Disk Management and on Acronis Disk Director Home 11, it shows that the flash drive has zero space. I safely removed it and plugged it back again then skipped fixing the drive then it returns 151MB of free space out of 3.71GB.

Kingston Data Traveler 8GB
I have a Kingston USB that I bought in the Post Office a couple of years back. It has an 8GB capacity and at the time it was only carrying about 8 folders with a total of 1GB of data consisting of office files (PDF, .doc, .xls) and photos of travels. I could go without the office data but the photos are extremely important to me. I need for them to be recovered without damage because I do not have backups for these files at all. The stick doesn’t light up and doesn’t get detected in any Windows computer. No sound is made at all.