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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop

ACER 5920G

I have a big problem with an Acer 5920G laptop which seems to be about to fail the hard drive. The drive is divided into two different partitions, one with the recovery system on, and the other with boot, OS and data. Recently the disk has started to make an odd noise when it is operating, and in particular when I try to get data out of the partition. Then, the computer froze while I was extracting a file. I made several attempts to get the file out, and have now discovered that the recovery drive is also having the same problem. I am not able to boot any further into the system than the Windows loading page. I launched a few rescue packages, simply because I needed to recover as much data as possible. There were several GBs of files which were recovered, but then there was a sector which was just bad from start to finish, then another, and another. It seems as though the damage to the hard drive was increasing during that recovery process, so I stopped it.


I am trying to use a hard drive out of my Acer Aspire 7520 laptop to copy the data on it. I have got the drive in an external case, and it is connected to another laptop. It will run for a short period, but it won’t open Windows, and I can’t get access to any of the information which is on the drive. I have struggled to try and find a reason why the drive is no longer working, but I have not been able to get an answer from my local repair shop.