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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have an older Asus G60VX laptop. It is getting near to the end of its life, and so I want to make sure that I can get into the files that are on there, and save them to a different location. However, what is happening is that when I start up the computer, I can hear the disk running, and I can detect the system in Device Manager, but not in Bios, and not in My Computer. When it is available in Device Manager, there is no letter assigned to the drive, and I can’t attach one to it. This means that when I try to open up the drive, the system cannot find it. The error occurs only when I try to open it up, there is no problem with the OS loading, or any other warning signs.


I am running an Asus G50VT system which is not working fully. I can turn on the system, and it will go into Bios, but then will not do anything else. What happened before this started was an unresponsive freeze, where I could not get any kind of response from the laptop at all. I had left the computer running while I went out, and the trip took longer than expected. When I came back into the house, I noticed that the laptop was not responding and when I restarted it, there was a message saying that my mountmngr.sys was not found, and was either corrupt or missing. I was rather anxious about this, and I tried to boot up using safe mode with networking. On both occasions, I got a Windows loading screen, but then just a ton of .sys files which results in the same error. I have tried to do a system recovery using disks, and got a blank screen with a cursor.