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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


My Macbook Pro MB990LL accidentally got a bit wet. It was in my car, and the roof developed a leak over the weekend. I am thinking that a lot of the Mac’s parts are probably irreparable. I can’t turn on the screen, as it remains black even when the computer is running, and rather than going into the OS, I seem to be getting a lot of beeps. I think that either the screen display itself, or the graphics card, has got wet and has blown. The backlight also does not turn on, although I can get light to the keyboard, and to the power button. I assume this means that there is no problem with these two elements. Perhaps most importantly, I don’t know yet if the hard drive has been affected by the damp. It could have got wet directly, but it could also have been affected by other parts blowing out. I realise that the chances of recovery are slim.


I have a Macbook Pro MB166LL laptop which is partitioned into a Macintosh and a Windows 7 operating systems. The problem I am having is that I cannot access the windows partition. When I try to log into windows the system is not recognising my login details. I have tried to browse the partition where the windows files are located and it is blank. Can anything be recovered from the windows partition.