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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a Sony Vaio K23 laptop which will shut down suddenly after about 5 minutes. I have tried using new cooling systems, including having a repair company replace the fans, which cost me a good sum. Once it shuts down, it won’t start up again for about 45 minutes, and when it does, it will sometimes work for about 10 minutes. As I have had the fan replaced, I don’t think it can be the same problem. I am concerned, because I have data on the drive that I would like to keep, and it just will not stay up for long enough for me to download the data. 5 minutes is only long enough to get the USB port plugged in and recognised, and then to open up the files I need. Selecting the files would just about take it to 5 minutes. I don’t want to be copying files between systems when the computer shuts down, as I think this will only cause more damage.


I have a Sony Vaio K23 notebook laptop which is not working. I have tried to use the recovery wizard to help me get back into the OS, but this has not succeeded. I firstly tried to put the XP installation disks into the laptop, and then configure it manually, but the system would not let me. It now also won’t let me shut down, and I don’t have a CD which would install the XP back onto my laptop if the boot should fail. I only have a C drive, and used the recovery option previously to get back into the OS screen. I installed a version of AVG in order to remove spyware, but I then got a message saying that some of the files had been corrupted. This is when the whole problem with the boot up began. I keep getting this message about files being corrupt, and then asking me if I would like to restore to factory settings. I have been advised that this would wipe out my data.