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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 laptop which I have been using mainly for entertainment, but occasionally for work and data retention. This went well for months, and then suddenly I found a Blue screen of death when I booted up into Windows. I did not know what else to do but try the Windows recovery package which Toshiba have in a partition in the system. I started up the process, and watched it run through, with the progress bar at the bottom gradually increasing. However, this went so slowly that I was beginning to think that a problem had occurred, and just at that moment, the screen went black, I got another BSOD, and I got an error message. The message was so brief that I was not able to write it down, so I am not sure exactly what it said, but it certainly mentioned the hard drive. I tried to do the recovery again, and again it failed. I need to get my data back off of the laptop.


I have a Toshiba laptop which is not working properly for me. I am trying to boot it up, and while it can get to the splash screen fine, when it comes to the BIOS screen, the whole thing goes blank, and then a message appears saying ‘Disk Read Error’. There may be some more information there, but I have not been able to write it down. I have tried to boot up the recovery system, which is on a partition, and that does not work. I even borrowed booting recovery disks from a friend, and started them. When I do this, I can get into the Windows Loading screen, but then there will just be a black screen, with only the cursor moving over the page. I think this is the famous Black Screen of Death, which like its cousin the BSOD, means that the system is no longer working. I am wondering if it is possible to recover the data, which is the most important part of the laptop.