What Advice We Can Offer Clients Suffering from Data Loss

We speak to both new and existing clients on a daily basis and enjoy a challenge. Sadly however a challenge for us means the loss of data for them but with a wealth of knowledge and experience we can help recover that data with a fast and professional turn around. If you have experienced the loss or inaccessibility of data through a device failure contact us via email or by telephoning us directly. Our helpful and friendly engineers will be happy to give you a diagnosis of the problem over the telephone as well as provide you with a fixed price to have the data recovered. If you are happy with what our engineer tells you then the next step is to package up the faulty drive (in as secure a package as possible to prevent any further possible damage) and, using the shipping form on the Contacts page, send it to our Data Recovery centre. There are three ways in which you can get the storage device or hard drive to us; send it by registered Royal Mail delivery, use a private courier service, or if you live locally feel free to visit us at our offices where you can speak to an engineer in person.


The Diagnosis and Quotation Process

When we have received your storage device we will make a full and comprehensive diagnosis and then contact you by telephone to discuss the next phase in the recovery process. If you are happy to proceed we will confirm once again you with the price of the recovery process and will begin the process as soon as is possible. The diagnosis and the quotation are given on a No Obligation basis; if at any time you decide you don’t wish to proceed there is absolutely no obligation to do so. If you are happy that we have explained everything to you and wish to proceed then we can get on with the job of recovering your data.


Data Recovery

The process of recovering your data should take no more than 2-3 days. During this time we will use an image of the drive in question and recover the data to one of our secure servers. When we arrive at the stage where the data has been transferred to our servers our engineer will contact you by telephone initially and then with a follow-up email which will include a comprehensive list of all the files recovered and the directories they were stored in. The email will also include screenshots so you can see for yourself that we have been successful.


How We Return Your Data Once We Have Recovered It

Once that you have verified that the data we have recovered is the right data then we can start the final stage of the process; getting it back to you. In order to do this once full payment is received we can make a physical backup on the medium of your choice. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, cheque or bank transfer. Upon successful receipt of payment we will make arrangements for the data to be dispatched to you by next day courier. Note also that unlike other companies we do not charge a fee for the use of credit or debit cards.

Why Choose Newcastle Data Recovery?

  • Fixed pricing on recovery (You know what you are paying - no nasty surprises).
  • Quick recovery turnaround at no extra cost. (Our average recovery time is 2 days).
  • Memory card chip reading services (1st in the UK to offer this service).
  • Raid recoding service (Specialist service for our business customers who have suffered a failed server rebuild).
  • Our offices are 100% UK based and we never outsource any recovery work.
  • Strict Non-disclosure privacy and security is 100% guaranteed.