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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Critical Service £495

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Commonly Reported Camera Memory Card Faults:

Memory cards are small, delicate pieces of hardware and are often susceptible to damage more so than a hard drive or NAS device. Keeping this in mind they are also capable of sustaining errors such as a damaged or corrupt flash memory chip or pins and connectors that are out of shape and no longer connect properly with their host card reader. Sometimes it can be difficult if not virtually impossible to retrieve your data from a memory card that has suffered serious damage. However we at can offer you knowledge and a wealth of experience when it comes to recovering your data from these intricate and often easily damaged devices.

Camera Memory Card Physically Damaged:

Your memory card has a series of pins at one end that connect to the recipient connectors in a card reader, be it an external or internal card reader. These pins can often suffer damage through everyday wear and tear or as a result of being exposed to extreme conditions such as intense heat or sub-zero temperatures. Here at we can recover your data from a memory card even if the pins are damaged beyond repair. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of data recovery and we have the most modern card and flash memory reading equipment on site to help.

Camera Memory Card Electronic Interruptions Whilst Reading and Writing:

Flash memory – known as NAND – is memory contained within memory cards that as a rule cannot be formatted or deleted unless the user starts the process. There are however exceptions to this and one such exception is when the memory card is introduced to a large amount of electromagnetic energy. There are strong enough magnetic fields in your home and workplace to cause irreparable damage to the card. Spending too much time around such a magnetic field may render the card useless without your knowledge. We at can help retrieve your data should this happen and also offer advice on how best to your memory cards.

Camera Memory Card Accidental Loss of Data:

If you have accidentally erased data from or formatted a memory card the first thing to do is remove the card and keep it somewhere safe where it will not be used again. Contact us here at immediately so that we may help you recover your lost data. Attempting to write new material to the card or formatting the card again will make it almost impossible for us to retrieve your data as soon as you have realised your mistake remove the card and get in touch.

Camera Memory Cards and Problems Reading Data Through Windows and OS:

Have you recently used a memory card that has taken longer than usual to load? If the answer is yes then you may have a problem. Slowing down of data retrieval is a sign that there is a potential problem with the device and you would do well to seek professional advice from us at before proceeding. Similarly if you have inserted your memory card into an internal card reader and this has caused your PC or Mac to crash then the chances are the card reader itself has developed a firmware problem that cannot be resolved by either it or the computer to which it is attached.

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