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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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PC Internal Storage Problems:

PC manufacturers tend to use a host of components from a variety of different sources and then put these together to make a complete machine. As a result problems can arise as one or more faults caused by the degradation of components from one or more manufacturers can occur. This is no more noticeable than in the case of hard drives that are manufactured by a variety of companies and then sold on to many different manufacturers. It is difficult however to say that one maker suffers from a particular problem more than another. That said generally the problems reported are physical malfunctions in the hard drive as well as corrupted or incompatible firmware. We are here to help if you encounter such a problem and we can be contacted at www.newcastle-datarecovery.co.uk

PC Hard Drive Breakdowns:

PC HDDs often suffer physical failings when it comes to spindles, read/write heads, arms and platters collapsing out of alignment as well as Ribbon cables that twist and kink until they are beyond use. We have encountered these and other problems during our 15-year existence and are able to offer you a diagnosis as to what the cause of the problem might be. And even if we cannot repair the hard drive itself we can certainly help reunite you with the missing data that would otherwise be considered lost if you decided simply to replace the drive

PC Hard Drive PCB Failings:

On the side of a hard drive you will notice the small printed circuit board attached to it. This board contains all the information the hard drive needs to function. This is called firmware and as a small program it sends commands to the motherboard and deciphers them as they come back so the hard drive can operate in the right way. The board also allows for information that is being sent via the ribbon cable attached to the drive to the motherboard to be interpreted. A faulty board on a hard drive does not mean that the drive will not spin but it is unable to write information that is being sent to it. We here at www.newcastle-datarecovery.co.uk can help you recover the data.

PC Hard Drive and Motherboard Firmware Stumbling Blocks:

Firmware is an important program that allows your hard drive to understand instructions received by your computer’s motherboard. As modern smart-phones and many electronic household devices use firmware so too does the hard drive and it uses its firmware to understand the commands being sent to it by the user via the motherboard. There may arise an occasion when the firmware becomes obsolete or is in need of an update because a motherboard manufacturer has changed something before production. A hard drive may not function correctly if the firmware is out of date and in this case the possibility may arise that an upgrade may be required, if available from the Internet. If not we will certainly be able to help you recover your data using our own sophisticated firmware recovery tools.

Windows Issues Reading and Writing to Hard Disk Drives:

There may come a time when your hard drive and the operating system on your PC just will not work in tandem with one another. This is known as a conflict and can be caused by a series of factors. Maybe you have installed a newer version of said operating system or have used it to defragment the hard drive? Perhaps you have used a disk utility program within the operating system and it has created a problem? Many reasons exist as to why operating systems – whether Windows-based or OS – fail to recognise a hard drive and we at www.newcastle-datarecovery.co.uk can help you figure out what that reason is and help you recover your data from your hard drive.

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