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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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USB Memory Sticks Most Notable Problems:

USB Memory Sticks are, like memory cards, composed of the most intricate hardware and firmware in a uniquely small package that allows you to save your data on the move. Although the technology is generally very advantageous because of its size and the variety of volumes available it has down sides too. The main reasons why USB sticks fail are usually damage to the connections between USB adapter and computer USB port, the degradation of onboard components and disruption to the flash memory. Some of these may cause you to find that you are in the unenviable position of being unable to retrieve the data stored on it. If this is the case we at can help

USB Memory Stick Physical Inability to Read and Write:

One of the many requests we receive here at is for help in retrieving data that has been saved to a USB memory stick but is now unreadable. With this to consider it is important to note that some of the main reasons for a USB stick becoming incapable of read/write capabilities are damage being caused to the EEPROM chip – otherwise referred to as the flash memory chip. With a unique layout inside this chip can be damaged quite simply even though many would have you believe that USB sticks are virtually indestructible. Damage to the components on this chip invariably make it impossible for you, the user, to execute a read or write command to the memory stick.

USB Memory Stick Internal Circuitry Damage:

Inside a USB stick is an EEPROM chip and an area of unpopulated space onto which your information is stored. This is what you will know as Flash memory and can hold information in a variety of different formats and sizes. EEPROM chips are susceptible to damage and can end up unreadable. Problems arise when bonding wires and the resin keeping them in situ become damaged or degraded. This renders the USB stick unable to answer read/write requests from a computer. Using up to date technology we at can retrieve your data from USB sticks that would otherwise be considered beyond repair.

USB Memory Stick Loss of Data As a Result of Accidental Format:

A common request we are presented with is being asked to reconstitute data from USB sticks that have suffered accidental deletion and/or formatting. We are none of us beyond making a mistake and it can be done simply by pressing the wrong button. Once the request to delete or format has been executed the odds of retrieving your data back through conventional means decreases. We however have over 15 years experience when it comes to retrieving data from inadvertently deleted USB sticks.

USB Memory Stick Not Recognised by USB 2.0 or 3.0 Ports – Operating System Issues:

Have you inserted a USB memory stick into your computer’s USB port and it has resulted in your computer freezing? If so you may have a problem. The hardware within the USB stick – which is very intricate – may have developed a fault or there could be an issue between your computer’s software and the USB stick firmware. Continually rebooting the computer with the intention of trying to read the USB stick will only result in the degradation of the USB stick further and quite possibly your computer as well. If this problem has occurred we recommend you remove the USB stick and do not use it on any other computer without contacting us first. If the data on the USB stick is important to you we will be able to help you recover it without any further potential risk to your computer or the data on the USB stick.

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