Hard Drive Recovery Gateshead – Advanced Data Recovery’s experienced engineers can deal with any hard drive failure! Recover your crucial data today!

Unfortunately, every hard drive fails at some point; it is simply a case of when. In an ideal scenario you will have backed up your data and thus the only inconvenience you will experience is the need to buy a replacement hard drive if it cannot be repaired. However, we all know the ideal scenario very rarely occurs! When hard drive failure happens, panic tends to instantly strike as individuals fret about their data and whether hard drive recovery Gateshead is possible. Is this something you are worrying about? There is no denying that the loss of data can be devastating for most. From years of hard work to special memories that cannot be replaced, hard drives tend to hold extremely important files. Could you really cope with losing your files forever? When you need Data Recovery Gateshead or the best Data Recovery New Castle we can help.

The best data recovery service in the UK – No fix, no fee!

When hard drive recovery Gateshead is required, you have to go for a professional service of the highest standard. You cannot afford to cut corners if you want your data to be retrieved. This is because there are so many variables and complexities involved in the recovery process. The following just scratches the surface of the hard drive faults you may be experiencing – damage to the disk platters, motor damage, read/write head damage, firmware issues, bad sectors on disk platters, mechanical damage, operating system faults, viruses, file read errors… the list goes on! With so much to contend with, only the best will do, and that is exactly what you get with Advanced Data Recovery. We have over 14 years’ experience in data recovery. Our engineers are the best you will find and we also have over 20,000 parts in stock at all times. This means that not only are we capable of handling any task, but a quick and efficient service is assured.

Nevertheless, we don’t just rest on our experience, we back it up with a killer service! We are confident that you won’t find a hard drive recovery Gateshead company offering a better service than ours. Why? Well firstly, we cater to all of your data emergencies. From university projects to corporate files, we know there are instances whereby you need your data recovered imminently. Thus, you will be pleased to know we offer a critical one-day service. The good news doesn’t end there either. Our data recovery is a no fix, no fee service. This means that if we are unable to retrieve your files you will not have to pay a penny for our time. Moreover, if you have less than 30GB of data that needs backing up, we will do this for free and store it on DATA DVDs for you.

In order to show our high level of capability, we have included a ‘case studies’ section on our website. Here you will find information on three diverse data recovery cases. We tell you the issue the client was experiencing and we reveal how we managed to solve the problem and recover the data. This provides you with a great insight into the way we operate and our high level of skill. You can thus be sure that there is no one better for your hard drive recovery Gateshead needs. You can also read client testimonials to see what others have had to say about the service we have provided. You will discover that we have an excellent reputation and have carried out successful data recovery for the likes of Mercedes, Donoghue, Glasgow Credit Union, Canon, London Arts Council, Merton, Neoedge and the NHS. With a client base like this, you can be sure our service is the best of the best.

All you need to do to begin the recovery process is call Advanced Data Recovery. The all-important number you require is 0203 0868 633. We are open from Monday until Friday between the hours of 9.00 am and 6.00 pm. We will diagnose your problem, provide you with a quote, and give you a realistic time frame for the recovery of your hard drive. The only thing you need to do is drop your hard drive into one of our 16 nationwide recovery centres or you can send it to us via post. Don’t put your hard drive in the hands of an inexperienced company who will say hard drive recovery Gateshead was ‘impossible’ yet take your cash anyway. Go for a company you can trust and call Advanced Data Recovery today!